When the “Tea Lady” Met the TV Lady


A few weeks ago, I stood in a well lit and cozy kitchen, mixing ingredients as delicious smells filled the room and desserts came to life. This was something I had done more times than I could count, but on that day, I was in the kitchen of Vera Stewart, host of “The Very Vera Show,” and was standing in front of television cameras.

I met Vera last year when I was looking for a venue for a party in Augusta. We bonded instantly over our mutual love of baking, entertaining and of course, tea. When she asked me to join her on her syndicated television show, I was excited, but also nervous. Anyone who has watched “The Very Vera Show” knows that Vera has a way of putting her guests at ease, and this is exactly what happened during our time together.

Vera immediately made me feel comfortable as we discussed teas, created two desserts together and told viewers about our new venture at La Dolce, online ordering of our cakes, pies, teas and more. It was Vera’s suggestion that we consider expanding our business outside of Aiken and offer shipping of our popular products on our website.

I enjoyed the opportunity to be on the show and I am forever grateful to Vera Stewart for giving me this chance to share that we will be bringing La Dolce to homes across the country. Her guidance as we take on this new venture has been so valuable and we look forward to serving many more customers online.

If you didn’t get an opportunity to see the show, you can watch it here. And when you’re ready to enjoy La Dolce deliciousness delivered to your home, we can help you with that too!