The Warmth of Tea

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Yes, the cup of tea is heating up your cold hands perfectly. But what else is it offering? It is a positive welcoming that brings comfort to you both mentally and physically. The warmth that is radiating from the tea is the first notable sign of the energy it contains:


Energy from the earth and soil in which the tea plants lived their lives.


Energy from the water the tea plants drank to stay hydrated.


Energy from the sunlight that the tea plants absorbed for more nutrients.


Energy from the workers who cared for the tea plants.


Holding that warm cup of tea in your cold hands prepares your body and mind for the soothing energies and comfort you will experience within the first few sips.


This is an excerpt from one of my favorite little tea books, Tea-Spiration.


Have you ever thought about what the tea leaf offers you?  I hope you will now, each time you enjoy that cup of tea.


Cheers to a Cuppa,

Lady Kelly


  1. Chrys

    I have my cuppa every morning on my way to work. It helps me relax and focus before my day starts. Thank you Lady Kelly. Your variety of teas are wonderful !