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The Spirit of Tea

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“In the world of tea each movement in the making of tea has nobility and meaningfulness.  The mundane, trivial acts of setting a fire, boiling some water, and making a bowl of tea are lifted to the level of an art form . . . . In the way of tea this type of transformation is not restricted just to the making or serving of tea, but it can spill over into all of one’s daily actions and transform the entire day.”  Brother Joseph Keenan

This quote was used in the book, Tea Here Now by Donna Fellman & Lhasha Tizer.  A book I have been thoroughly enjoying.

It speaks volumes to me.  When I prepare a cup of tea I smell the aroma of the tea leaves I’ve chosen and look at the beautiful color of the leaves before placing them in my cup to steep.  While they steep they swirl and twist in the hot water, this is called “the agony of the leaves”, but to me it is “the dance of the leaves”.

As the tea steeps the aroma grows, the water changes color and the time to taste this health giving elixir is at hand.

Taking the time to make a proper cup of tea and then enjoying it is a special time in my day.  Today, I hold my cup of Assam Bukhial black tea, look out the window at the birds collected at my bird feeder and relax.  This is my time, my tea time.