Tea Lover

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Growing up I became enamoured of my mother’s tea moments. She would make herself a nice “cuppa” several times a day, take a few moments for herself and just enjoy sipping that cup of tea. It became a ritual in my eyes and I began at a young age to enjoy a cup of that lovely liquor as well. I guess I was hooked beginning even then because as I grew older I shared my love of tea with friends, hosting holiday tea parties for them and was told over and over how special it made them feel.

I have lived in England for the past three years and during that time studied the Art of Tea. I acquired my Tea Master designation from both the U.K. Tea Council and from the American Tea Master Association. I am the Training Director of the American Tea Master Association hosting classes in Charleston, South Carolina for others who would like to earn the prestigious title of Tea Master. I am also a certified Tea Hostess and use that training and my past experience to host private tea parties, as well as, fund raisers using the Traditional Afternoon Tea as my venue.

I love tea, the look of the leaves, the aroma, the liquor and of course, the taste. There are over 10,000 different teas available all from one plant, Camellia Sinensis. When you savor a cup of properly steeped premium loose-leaf tea I promise you will find the enjoyment of the beverage that stimulates, clears the mind, calms and provides our bodies with many health benefits, and will want to enjoy it over and over again.

In future posts I will share many facets of tea. The health benefits, how to prepare it properly, the etiquette of proper tea party hosting, suggestions of teas to try and much, much more. I hope you will join me on this tea journey and become another follower of the “Art of Tea”.

Happy Tea Times,
Lady Kelly