Steeping A Delicious Iced Tea

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There are many teas that can be used to make a refreshing iced tea. It’s important to understand the proper way to steep to get the most flavor.

When making iced tea from loose leaf tea you first choose a tea that has a strong flavor. There are many black teas, green teas and herbal teas that make delicious iced tea.

The next step is to use twice as many tea leaves as you would for a cup of hot tea, because when you add ice you will be diluting the flavor. Another way of making iced tea, is using the same amount of tea leaves you would for hot tea, but also making your ice from the tea liquor. Then, as the ice melts, you’re simply adding more tea to your cup instead of diluting it with typical ice made from water.

There are several electric appliances on the market for making iced tea and you can use a large jar and make sun tea. Personally, I have an electric iced tea maker which makes a gallon pitcher at a time and that’s great because I drink a lot of tea every day.  I have personally owned a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker for 15 years and it still makes great iced tea.

You can also make iced tea by the individual glass. Steep your tea as you would to make a cup of hot tea use a hot mitt to hold  a cocktail shaker (or buy an insulated shaker)  insert shaker link , as the tea will be hot to start, half-fill with ice then pour the tea in and shake it until it’s cold. Again however, if you make your iced tea using this method you will need to use double the tea leaves to have the flavor profile you are looking for.

Recommendations for several premium loose leaf teas that I enjoy as iced tea are as follows:

Peaches and Flowers: a black tea blend with fresh dried pieces of peaches and jasmine petals

Long Island strawberry: a green tea blend with pieces of fresh dried strawberries

Province:  a Rooibos herbal blend with lavender

Scottish Breakfast:  a blend of black teas for a more traditional flavor

Follow these steps and you can enjoy the most delicious iced tea you have ever made.

Cheers to a Cuppa,

Lady Kelly