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Socializing During Self-Isolation and The Light Side of the Internet

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As many of us are having to do, I have temporarily closed my bakery/tearoom to all except special take out orders to comply with the current rules for restaurants because of the Corona virus.  As I sit at home in isolation, having a cup of tea, I have the time to contemplate the question of how we can help each other even though we can’t be together physically just now.


Often we grumble about the “dark side of the internet”.  The posts some make to hurt or cause damage to other people or businesses because they think they’re invisible and it gives them a warped thrill.  Many times these are by people who would never say face to face what they are willing to post online.  At this time we are seeing much of that, as well as posts about the current virus situation that have no basis in fact and only serve to increase the panic and anxiety of our situation.


However, the internet can also be used in many positive ways.  Today I would like to talk about the “light side of the internet”.  During an unprecedented time of self-isolation, we can keep in touch with loved ones and friends using the internet, which can help us feel less alone.


You can easily email or use one of the many video apps to talk and share your day.  This can ease the anxiety of many who are concerned no one is checking on them or those who just need some socializing.  Grandparents who are missing their grandchildren can see and talk with them.  Friends can see and talk with each other and give emotional support.


As long as you have internet or a smart phone you can brighten someone’s day and, at least for a brief time, give them a distraction from the lonely situation we are finding ourselves in.


Please take the time to contact your relatives, friends and neighbors through the internet or your phone and help someone get through this very trying time.


Please share with me any other thoughts you have on ways to keep in touch from a distance.  I wish for you all to stay safe and healthy.


Cheers to a cuppa,

Lady Kelly