Lady Kelly: Who is She?

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I would like to use this post to re-introduce myself.  Since publishing my first blog post life has taken many twists and turns and I have not been at all consistent with my content posting.  I have moved,  started two other businesses, and welcomed two beautiful grandchildren into my life.  To say the least I have not been focused on my on-line business and now I am finally at a place where I can focus and want to take this opportunity to grow my community and help others who would like to own a tea business or learn more about tea subjects in general.

A little background . . . I am Lady Kelly, my title is from Scotland.  My husband (The Laird) and I own some property in the Scottish Highlands and thereby have the legal titles of Laird and Lady.  This property is held in trust to forever be kept natural and we are delighted to be able to contribute to this beautiful areas’ protection.

In addition, I am the mother of two adult children and grandmother (or in my case, Gigi, as they call me) to two beautiful, loving grandchildren.  I have owned a Bakery/Tea Room with my daughter, Chef Kirstie who is a Pastry Chef, for the past 6 years.

I lived in England for 3 years and during that time earned international certifications as a Tea Master, having studied with organizations in the U.K. (Jane Pettigrew of the U.K. Tea Council), Canada (International Tea Education Institute) and U.S. (International Tea Master Association).   I am also a certified Tea Hostess, specializing in Traditional English Cream Tea, Afternoon and High Tea ceremonies.


I love the aromas, the liquor, flavor profiles, preparation, symbolism, colors, shapes, history, names, ceremonies, culinary uses and so much more!

My experience with tea began as a child, fondly remembering my mother relax with a daily cup. While living in England for three years, I expanded my experience by visiting and researching hundreds of tea rooms to fully absorb the culture.

Sharing my knowledge with my customers and clients is my passion.  I look forward to interacting with my followers and helping people learn more about the “Tea Inspired Life”.  Please share your questions and comments on my facebook page, Tea Inspired Life,  so I can learn more about what you would like to see in my posts and how I can be of help to you in your tea journey.


Cheers to a Cuppa,

Lady Kelly