History of the Teabag

Do You Know How Using Teabags Began?

Do you know how the teabag was developed?

One piece of history says that In 1908, American tea importer Thomas Sullivan, was trying to create a way to send tea samples to his customers.  He put tea leaves in silk bags and mailed them to customers around the world.   He did not intend to have them place the tea bag directly into hot water, but some did.  Many of his customers began asking for the tea in the bags because of the ease for steeping.

However, there were also two women who, in 1901 filed for a patent for a “tea leaf holder” which is very similar to what we use today. Their description was “By this means, only so much of tea-leaves is used as is required for the single cup of tea.”  This helped eliminate waste.  Their application continued with “ . . . the bag needed to hold the tea leaves together so that they didn’t float into the drinker’s mouth, but not so tightly that the water could not circulate through them to be infused.  They used a stitched mesh fabric which made for better infusing than the silk bags used by Thomas Sullivan.

Since its’ inception over a century ago, the teabag has had few modifications.  Those who enjoy the relatively simple and quicker way of making their cup of tea will,  I’m sure, be enjoying the teabag for a long time to come.

Cheers to a Cuppa,

Lady Kelly