Lady Kelly’s experience with tea began as a child, fondly remembering her mother relax with a daily cup. When living in England for three years, she expanded her experience by visiting and researching hundreds of tea rooms to fully absorb the culture. She is an internationally certified Tea Master, having earned multiple tea master certifications from the U.K. Tea Council, the International Tea Education Institute and the International Tea Master Association. She is also a certified Tea Hostess, specializing in etiquette and various tea ceremonies.

Lady Kelly’s title is from Scotland.  Her husband, Stuart is descended from the Scottish Highlands.  While living in England they purchased property in the Highlands near where his family was located and were given the titles of The Laird and Lady.

Lady Kelly loves hats and is often seen in one of her custom made designs.  While living in England she had many hats created for her at Patellie Hats, Whitehaven, Cumbria, U.K.  She is often asked to model her hats for her guests.  Many of her hats have true stories.  One “hat” has met Queen Elizabeth at her Annual Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

Lady Kelly is passionate about the "Tea Life" and enjoys sharing her knowledge of all things tea.  Educating the public about tea, it's health benefits, flavor profiles, use as a culinary ingredient, pairing with foods, etiquette and more is something she strives to do.  Learn more about tea by reading her blog posts and delve deeper into the world of tea by joining her Tea Of The Month Club and participating in her on-line Tea Tasting Classes.



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Lady Kelly and her husband loved their time in England so much, they purchased property in the Scottish Highlands, establishing their titles as “lady” and “laird.”

Interested in learning about becoming a Tea Master? 

Lady Kelly recommends the International Tea Education Institute for Gold Standard education and training in the Tea field. Use code "Confection" to receive 10% off.