Twinings storefront

A Visit to Twinings in London England

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The original Twinings tea shop is located at 216 Strand, in one of London’s narrowest shops.  It has been located there for over 300 years!  Founded at this location in 1706, it was originally called R Twining and was a tea shop where women were welcome.

While living in England, I had the pleasure of visiting this little storefront and had the sensation of going back in time.  The entrance has a golden lion and Twinings in black on a gold background.  There are also two figures from, what used to be called the Orient, above the door.

It is a narrow and deep store, the walls lined on both sides with wooden shelves filled with teas, coffees and tea accessories, everything needed to steep the perfect cup of tea.  In the back there is a small museum with displays explaining the history of Twinings, as well as a tea shop and tea tasting area.

You will find a large variety of teas and tea blends in colorful tins for displaying in your kitchen and can enjoy of cup of their finests tea.  This is a must see stop, if you are a tea enthusiast and have the opportunity, to visit London.

Cheers to a Cuppa,

Lady Kelly