A Cup of Tea and a Book

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I love tea and I love to read.  What could be better than sitting down in a cozy spot with a delicious cup of tea and a book.  I deserve the alone time, you deserve the alone time.  Today I am enjoying Golden Monkey black tea, one of my favorite teas, and the book, Cha Dao by Solala Towler

I love learning more about the tea life and Cha Dao is about The Way of Tea, Tea as a Way of Life.  It is interesting to me to learn the history of tea, tea legends and how other countries revere and enjoy the beverage.  Cha Dao is written about the Tea Life in China and encourages the tea lover to truly enjoy steeping and drinking their choice of tea.

Another Tea book that relates to enjoying tea with mindfulness is The Essence of Tea by Jenny Tse

These two books not only offer a great deal of interesting information about the world of tea, but also many ways of sensually enjoying your cup of tea in all of its’ facets.

Do you enjoy quotes and simple ideas?  Here are a couple of fun little books to inspire you, Tea-Spiration by Lu Ann Pannunzio and 365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know.  These two small books are filled with tea quotes, party ideas, recipes, tea facts and so much more.

As "the Tea Lady", you can imagine I am surrounded by many books about tea.  I have recipe books, books on history, cultivation, party themes and etiquette just to name a few. I love the feel of a "real book" in my hands and I am always making notes in the edges of the pages or highlighting points I want to be able to refer to.  I truly enjoy my books from cover to cover and, with a cup of tea, I can be lost in the reading for hours.

Give yourself the gift of time . . . go make your favorite cuppa and cuddle up with your favorite book . . . relax and enjoy!  Do you have a favorite tea book?  Leave me a post, you may know some I haven't heard of yet and would like.