Sharing the Tea Life
Sharing the Tea Life
Sharing the Tea Life
Sharing the Tea Life

Join our Tea Of The Month Club and receive a variety of teas each month from plantations around the world! 

Your monthly shipment will include descriptions of the teas and educational tea information.

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Tea of the Month Club
Gongfu Cha Tea ceremony La Dolce

Lady Kelly, Tea Master

Lady Kelly is passionate about the “Tea Life” and enjoys sharing her knowledge of all things tea.  Educating the public about tea, it’s health benefits, flavor profiles, use as a culinary ingredient, pairing with foods, etiquette and more is something she strives for daily.  You can read her blog and follow her on social media.

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Welcome to Tea Inspired Life!  I am Lady Kelly and I would love to be your guide on your tea journey. Whether it’s to learn more about teas, open your own tearoom, become a tea sommelier or any other tea related subject, I’m here to encourage you and share my knowledge and experience with you.   You can begin your tea journey by signing up for my email here.